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Welcome to Bohan Seed & Supply. You are in the right place for quality seeds for your garden. Bohan is strictly NO GMO, (see information about the CRG Seed Pledge on our home page). All of our seeds are open pollinated, many are heirlooms. There is a difference. Please see the heirloom and open pollinated entries at the top of our home page and click for an explanation of each. We do provide some organic seeds when available and that will be noted on the information board for the particular seed. If there is something you would like but do not see, please contact us through this website or at and let us know. We will make every effort to get what you need. We appreciate your input as it helps us to know how to best serve our gardening community.

When the proprietors of Bohan Seed & Supply first moved to northern North Dakota from warmer climes, we were frustrated by a lack of information and products for those gardening in the colder, short season areas of North America. We set out to put together a collection of seeds for varieties that would flourish in our new setting. As we began to amass our collection, the next natural step was to share what we had gathered with our new neighbors in the northern US and Canada. Thus Bohan Seed & Supply was born. We are currently putting together a package of various varieties that are particularly cold hardy to be sold as a grouping for an entire garden season. An asterisk next to the name of the seed variety indicates that it is particularly suited for a short season and/or cool climate garden.

We have also put together several variety packs of seeds for those gardeners who have limited space or just want to try a little of everything. You will find a variety pack in the pumpkin, bush bean, summer squash and sweet pepper sections. We also offer a Pickle Lovers’ pack in the cucumber section and a Salsa pack under the tomatoes. Check out our Three Sisters planting pack to bring an ancient planting strategy to your home garden.

In spite of our focus on the cool climate gardens of North America, we have not forgotten our neighbors in the south and the southwest. For those of you in the south looking for a tomato that can stand the heat as well as the humidity, we encourage you to try the Homestead tomato. In warm climate zones, where you have a split gardening season, one Spring and one Fall, many of our short season varieties will adapt well to one or either of those seasons. And we carry the tomatoes and peppers that thrive in those long hot summer days. For those of you gardening in the harsh climates of the Sonoran Desert, we encourage you to visit the Native Seed Search website for varieties particularly suited to your hot dry environment. You will find their link at the top of our home page. It is our intention to act as a hub for home gardeners and small farmers in ALL climates and growing zones of North America who have an interest in saving seeds and preserving our seed heritage. To that end, we will be posting tips and instructions on harvesting and saving various types of seeds as the season goes forward. Please check back often.